Made it to Vieng Phoukha. Larger town this one but still small compared to Thailand. Hit the road 0930 after having a delicious beef with ginger and rice breakfast. First 20km was undulating mainly uphill to around 950m elevation, then the road undulated around this mark following the ridgeline of the mountain. Big drop offs either side and some magnificient scenery. Final 25km was undulating mainly downhill into Vieng Phoukha. Arrived 1600. At least 4 guesthouses here with signs, so no issues with accomodation. The usual stalls along the way were more frequent than yesterday and was enough to keep me fueled up. Restaraunts serve noodle soup - like thailand but much bigger servings, accompanied with a plate of fresh veggies (lettuce, mint, bean like stalk, and some other leaf) Went for stroll through town then to bed. The guesthouse has a seperate karaoke room where the locals come to drink and sing into the we hours. Me, in bed fast asleep.

10/03/12 - Decided to have a rest day here as I was still tired and sore from previous days climbing. Went for walk to nearby villages, up a couple of hills to a wat and lookout over the town. Found a local veggie market, stalls selling clothes, tools, snacks, a couple of motorbike repair shops, about 4 restaraunts (2 closed), the rest residential homes. Rested and relaxed for half day, had a bit of a snooze and went to bed early so that I was asleep before the nightly drinking session and karaoke started.

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