Made it to Luang Nam Tha. I was up early this morning and after a noodle soup breakfast I was underway at 0745. I was expecting more climbing today but luckily it was undulating mostly downhill through the valley eventually hitting the valley floor about 10km out of town. I was conserving as much energy as possible expecting a mammoth climb out of the valley but never eventuated, so I arrived quite refreshed at 1130. Tourist town this one with plenty of guesthouses and western food. Found a nice quiet place off the main street where all the foreigners hang out. Had another noodle soup and just updating website now.

12/03/12 - Rest Day, relax, wander around town, research China. Great little night markets here - the local hill tribes come down to sell their handmade jewellery. Half and whole roast chickens, roast pork by the kilo, papaya salad, spring rolls and fried rice all available cheap here. Very tasty stuff - although I was the only foreigner here - most seem content in sitting in restaraunts and enjoying their plastic burger and fries? All the local cats and dogs seem to know about it too - they gather around and wander around the bottoms of tables cleaning up the scraps. Laos has to be one of the few places where dogs and cats seem to coexist in peace. Towns divided into new and old towns - I'm in new area - will check out old area in coming days.

13/03/12 - Rest Day. Hired motorbike 0800 and rode to Muang Sing and Udomxai. Wandered around towns, checked out a few wats on hilltops as well as some villages in the hills. Long day, returned bike 1930.

14/03/12 - Rest Day. Having an easy day today before riding into China tomorrow. Rode around old town area which is mainly residential.

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