Made it to Meng Xin, small town, middle of nowhere, China. Hit the road 0815. First 40km on hwy (Xiamo hwy) Actually bicycles aren't allowed here but the locals seem to direct me here everytime. Traffic is light and there is 1m shoulder so no issues - apart from the tunnels - I went through about a dozen today, shoulder dissapears and some have plastic bollards in the middle so larger trucks can't get passed me. Most are only a couple of hundred metres long  so I try to get through them as quickly as possible. I reached the town of Mengyuan  where I had some lunch and decided to try the old road. This has steeper grades and winds its way around the mountains, more scenic, local traffic and trucks mainly. Rolled into town 1400. Had some lunch then found some accomodation. Published room rate was 100Y, had a look and offered 40Y which was accepted after I did the old walk out the door trick and they called me back. The power went out for a couple of hours so was unable to access internet. Seems the internet is controlled by government as you need to present ID which is used to logon. Facebook is banned here, everytime I try to logon computer shuts down. Also fitted new chain as old one has stretched/worn out. Also applied some super glue to cracked sidewalls on tyres. Hopefully will get another 1000kms out of them.

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