Made it to Shangyun, another middle of nowhere small town. Hit the road 0900. Another massive day of climbing and descending - the biggest of the trip so far with almost 1500m ascending and over 1700m descending. Cracked 2000m above sea level too! Magnificent mountain scenery - felt tiny amongst it all.You wouldn't guess riding through here that this place is one of the worlds largest economies and most populous place on earth. Looks alot like Laos with shabby houses, dirt tracks, people in raggety clothes, deserted roads - it's great cycling though! Rolled into town 1700 tired but still OK. I've only got cash now for food so rode around looking for a campsite. Found a deserted shed at outskirts of town, but 2 hobos had taken up residence already so headed back to try my luck in town. Went down an alley off a side street where I found a nice bit of concrete under an awning. A local family were cleaning their harvested poppy seeds nearby so I asked them if I could setup my tent here. They pointed to a nearby hotel and I explained that I didn't have enough money they understood and gave me the OK and began setting up. About a dozen family members gathered around to watch. A couple of policeman showed up too, I thought they were going to move me on, but no they just came for a laugh and didn't say a word. Camping is unknown here and in theory illegal - just like riding a bike through China - go figure. The lady of the house offered me a meal which I didn't refuse. I watched them seperate the poppy seeds from the husk using a couple of pedestal fans. They were putting them in sacks ready to sell to merchants I'm guessing. I helped them move the sacks into a storage room. Went for short stroll through town, we showed each other our photos, watched a bit of  TV before going to sleep around 2100.

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