At Shuangjiang, a bigger town this one, middle of nowhere. On the road at 0830 after giving family 10USD for yesterdays hospitality - they wouldn't accept but I wasn't taking no for an answer - these random acts of kindness are the most heart warming and I believe they deserve to be rewarded. To my relief it was an easy day. I was expecting similar mammoth climbs and descents but no - just lightly undulating following the valley floor around the mountains around 900m above sea level. Arrived into town 1445. Set about changing money now as I didn't have enough for food even now. Again, no banks would change my USDs, so I explained that I have passed through all these towns and no one would change my money. The manager found a local that changed enough for me to get to Lincang - where I've been assured they will change money. Funny, I've been hearing this for a while - so we'll see. Anyway, I'm back in a hotel tonight - not really sure if it's any more comfortable than the tent though. The current climate is perfect for camping and it's actually quicker setting up than dragging all my gear up to hotel rooms.

Great road this - G214 - virtually no traffic, superb scenery , winding roads, mammoth climbs and descents - will be following this all the way to Dali.

Still haven't seen another white man! Can I get through China without seeing one? Now that would be an achievement!

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