At Yunxian now. On the road at 0915 and rolled into town at 1415. First 40km was nice gentle downhill between 0 and 4% grades. Then about 30km of climbing at up to 10% grades, then rest gentle downhill into town. Found accomodation, ate, wandered around town and just relaxing now. Nothing to see or do in these towns really. Some have a chinese temple if you're lucky nothing else. People just going about their lives like lemmings. Lots of industrial shopfronts here making  fencing, pipes, tanks, etc. as well as a more western style commercial section. All towns I've been through so far have some sort of high rise contruction going on. Riding around these towns isn't great either as like Indonesia people come at you from all directions without looking. The open road is much better - although I've lost count of the number of times someone overtakes me only to slow down , cut me off and stop within 50 metres for no apparent reason.

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