At Nanjianyizu now. Long tough day today, up and over two 2000m passes. On the road at 0830, first 40km climb up to 2000m pass, then downhill for next 25km, then uphill for second 2000m pass for 25km then final 30km gentle downhill into town - which sits around 1350m above sea level. Grades were up to 10%, although final downhill was gradual at mostly 2% which only gets me up to 38kph, and with the wind swirling I had to pedal every now and again to keep rolling. 5% sees me crack 50kph and anything greater is ludicrous speed. I crawl up at around 6kph - the loaded trucks at about 10kph. Superb scenery, winding road with straight sections, plenty of services along the way to refuel. Passed through 3 tunnels - one was 2.6km long. as well as a bridge over a big gorge and river which looked like the golden gate bridge in San Francisco. Majority of traffic was trucks hauling coal, sand and metal goods. Arrived just before 1800, but still plenty of light - sun doesn't go down till about 1900. Found some accomodation, ate and relaxed. Earnt myself a rest day here tomorrow for todays efforts.

27/03/12 - Rest Day, relax, wander around town. Usual industrial chinese town, apartments under construction, metal workers, mechanics dismantling trucks and motorbikes, nothing much to see or do. Found a temple on top of hill - walked up for views of town.

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