Made it to Dali - the biggest town I've seen so far here in China. On the road at 0900, first 70km was gradual climb at 5% grades or less following the river and valley floor, flanked with massive mountains either side, then it got steeper up to 10% for the next 15km - reaching an altitude of  2400m. The final 10km was downhill into town at 5% or less, sitting around 1950m above sea level. Went on road S213 which was more direct than G214 - the road I've been following for a while now. Another great road this one, a bit more bumpy in parts than G214 but still good, winding road with slightly less traffic. Rolled into town at 1600, found accomodation first hit in new area of town, ate and now relaxing. Will spend  2-3 nights here.

29/03/12 - Rest Day, rode around lake - highly recommended, allow a whole day, you pass through many small villages/towns where you can see the Tibetan people doing there daily chores as they have for centuries. The west side of the lake is much more quiet than the east coast. Temples and viewing towers are also worth checking out.

30/03/12 - Rest Day, wandered around town, walked through Erhai Park - which has nice gardens, bonsai tress and is on a hilltop so you get great views of town. Also walked along riverside boulevardes - unfortunately not suited to bikes as there are steps every couple of hundred metres to disturb your progress.

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