Made it to Lijiang. Touristy town this one - although mainly asians, not many white people around. Snow capped mountains are nicely visible to the north. On the road at 0900, first 15km climb up to 2300m above sea level, then mainly flat for next 40km with a final climb up to town sitting around 2400m. 45km mark it is a new smooth road (2x2 with 2m shoulder), before this it's a sqeezy 1x1 with no shoulder and bumpy bitumen. Got a lot of traffic till 10am with endless string of tourist buses and trucks, got better as the day went on. Rolled into town at 1330, found some accomodation, ate and now resting. Will spend a day here checking out the sights.

02/04/12 - Rest Day, wander around town, walk through old town - which is an endless myriad of shops and cafes. Lots of little lanes and alleys to explore. You can easily spend a day walking through here - 3 hours was enough for me. Full of little asian tourists with big cameras and big hair. Not many westerners here either. Walked through Heilongtan Park as well which connects to the old town - it has numerous temples and nice gardens, although the river was bone dry.

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