Made it to Miyi. Didn't look like much, but when I went down to the riverside was surprised to find nice big wide boulevardes that you could actually cycle along. On the road at 0800 after a comfortable night in the tent (I'm actually able to get away earlier when camping as I don't need to unpack bike and drag gear up 3-4 flights of steps to a hotel room) Another tough day of constant undulations through the mountains. Road was rough concrete but smoothed out to bitumen as the day went on. Rolled into town at 1400. I refueled at a restaraunt and went down to the park on the riverside to find a camping spot. I don't think I'll bother going to hotels as much now as it's a hassle (except on rest days) Funnily enough ended up setting up in front of a hotel fronting the park which rejected me. I used there facilities and they didn't even wink. Went for walk along boulevardes. Locals gather in square to dance at dusk. Nice friendly town this one.

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