02/07/12 - 1400m, on the road 1130, up and over pass at 1530m, 30km mark, town, eat. 50km mark Dushanbe. Locate Turkmenistan embassy, told to come back tomorrow morning when open. (M-F 0930-1230) Found nearby house to setup tent. 895m. Given soup, bread, tea & biscuits. Wash up and go to internet cafe. Back to base for traditional dinner - rice, salad, biscuits & tea. Met swiss girl selena, who is here for 5 months studying.

03/07/12 - 895m, Rest Day at Dushanbe, walk to Turkmenistan embassy just around corner, arrived opening time 0930, opened at 1000. Didn't get in till 1100 - locals admitted first even though they arrived after me. Gave the officer my application number that I got from the Turkmenistan embassy back at Beijing and good news - he was able to issue my visa to me today! Just had to fill out a single page application for his records. Caught a taxi out to the local bank where I had to pay the 55USD for the 5 day transit visa. Cost 40 som return, got back at 1215 and by closing time at 1230 I had my 5 day transit visa. Spent rest of day relaxing, wandering around town and updating website.

04/07/12 - 895m, Rest Day at Dushanbe, wander around town, check out botanic gardens, bazaars. Also went to Uzbekistan embassy to confirm the border 60km west of Dushanbe was open - as a motorcyclist I met on the Pamir Hwy told me it was closed? Thay told me yes, although it wasn't very assuring. 

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