Spent past four days exploring Adelaide. Great network of cycleways and little traffic it's surprising so few cyclists seem to take advantage of these conditions - I did. I covered almost 400km went North, South, East & West. Great stuff, peak hour doesn't exist compared to Sydney. Rode out to the beaches, hills districts, up to Mt Lofty (710m above sea level) for a view of the city and surrounds, Hahndorf - the oldest german town in Australia and Belair National Park. Tomorrow the real challenge starts - The Mawson Trail - 900km of off-road cycling hauling all my gear through the hills!

Made it to Gawler. After pushing against the headwinds it's nice to finally get some downhill free wheeling. Went along the Barossa Valley Way which was very scenic and quiet. Going to relax and check out town before an easy 40km into Adelaide tomorrow for some well earned rest and sightseeing.

Finally starting to get away from traffic. From Wagga to Narrandera finally got the road to myself after almost 1000km with cars.

Roads are smooth and flat making quick progress. Not too many sights yet. Will be travelling across Hay plains in coming days which I have been assured will be boring and flat with head winds being the biggest obstacle. No technical or bike issues to report.

At a small town at the moment - Blanchetown on the Murray River. Been fighting headwinds now since Mildura which is very draining. On schedule, Adelaide is less than 200km away.

All going well so far. Left Sydney with 65kg of gear. This is obviously too much to haul over the coming passes. I'm slowly going through the stuff I actually need. Starting to leave the traffic behind which is nice. Very cold though, camped at Jugiong a few nights ago and there was ice on surrounding picnic tables. Three degrees on the road to Wagga yesterday!

I'm at Mildura now. Made it across the Hay Plains. Was straight and flat but enjoyable as the expected westerlys were absent. I did catch them eventually 2 days out from Mildura. I've been on the backroads since Wagga so was nice and quiet. I had to go on Sturt Hwy for some sections as it was the only way, but traffic was light. Road trains are starting to appear but only 2 trailer ones so far.Scenery is starting to get better as well.

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