Made it to Sukhothai. Set off at 0830 and arrived at 1700. Another day cycling on the back roads through flat lush green countryside. At 85km mark I joined main road for final bit into town. At 100km mark met a spanish/argentine couple cycling around asia at restaraunt, so joined them into town.

18/02/12 - Lazy day, relaxing and recovering from previous centuries. Wandered around town.

19/02/12 - Rode out to Historic Park (24km return) Large collection of wat ruins. Best ones were outside the main complex on the surrounding hillsides. Nice little villages here too. Rode around town and along riverside. Nice laid back little town, not too many tourists.

At Phichit now. Another off the beaten track, non tourist thai town. Got on the road at 0930 and arrived 1630. Another hot sunny day on long straight stretches of smooth bitumen on highway 117 (2x2 lane with 2m shoulder for first 55km) light traffic, passing through lush green farmlands. The rest was on back roads, which were even quieter but bumpy and same scenery. More thai generousity today - I recieved a bunch of bananas, water, and corn cobs (pale yellow in colour and tasted like sticky rice) Found accomodation, had dinner now relaxing. Another big day tomorrow to Sukhothai where I'll be having a well earned rest.

At Lopburi now. Got on the road at 0800, arrived 1500. Superb day on backroads all the way! Had the road to myself - only came across a dozen cars or so. 3km was unsealed (smooth hardpacked with loose gravel on top - no issues). Not many dogs either which was a surprise - most just staring me down, too lazy to get up from their roadside slumber - only got a couple of half assed chases. Crossed wide open, lush green farming plains all day - reminded me of Hay Plains back in Australia, but more green here. Lots of birdlife here too. Many ramshackle houses, some with rubbish everywhere, others spotless. Saw lots of sandbags - probably leftover from the recent floods. Great variety of roads too, with the usual 1x1 and some single lane roads too. The locals were genuinely surprised to see me - I don't think many tourists use these backroads - got alot of wows, cheers and interest in the bike. When I stopped at a shop to get a drink I was offered a 600ml pepsi as well as a 1.25l pepsi by the same bloke! First sign of generosity here in Thailand (I was told that the further north I go, the more friendly the people - got some haters further south) Was hot sunny day, 32C, headwinds started at 1200 and stayed around for the rest of the day. Found some basic accomodation run by chinese - means no wi-fi, so I'm here at the internet cafe. Great night markets here adjacent to railway station. Will checkout old town tomorrow which has wat ruins similar to Ayutthaya but on a smaller scale. No cramps in the legs, so it looks like I'm back in the habit.

13/02/12 - Wandered around old town visiting wats and museums. Went for burn through town in the cool of the night. Old town area is nice and quiet while new town area is typical thai hustle and bustle. Monkeys rule some streets - I don't mean the locals - as I walked out of a convenience store one pulled the plastic bag out of my hand and ran off with my pineapple pie! Big day tomorrow - will try to set off early to make it to Uthai Thani by nightfall.

Made it to Nakhon Sawan. Decided to have an easy day, the hotel I was staying at had an english movie channel so I decided to watch a few movies. Unfortunately the twilight saga was on so that put me back to sleep. Left at 1200. Another days riding through flat lush green farmlands on smooth straight stretches of bitumen on quiet back roads. Another hot, dry and sunny day. Arrived in town around 1530. Typical big thai town, no english signs. Rode around for a while. Eventually I gave up and asked a local for the location of a hotel. He was very friendly and escorted me to a hotel - even rang them to make sure it was within my budget. Located in a quiet dead end street and walking distance to food stalls. Will be passing through similar towns for the next few days which aren't on the tourist trail. 

Made it to Ayutthaya. Woke at 0500, packed bike and was on the road at 0645. Heavy peak hour traffic, but was able to squeeze between cars so didn't hold me up too much. Met up with "Little" at 0730 near Phra Ram 9 about 7km away to say final farewell - was a bit teary as after a month together we had developed a close bond. But the show must go on - new adventures, hardships, haters and no doubt colonials await. Followed road No.1 pretty much all the way - no other option really, 6x6 lanes all the way with steady flow of traffic and 2m wide shoulder so no issues. First 45km went smoothly - I was hammering along the smooth tarmac in the high 20's, low 30's, but after this I faded quickly - struggling in the low 20's. At 60km mark I was getting cramps in both shins - first cramps of the trip! At 70km mark I stopped at a servo to refuel and they had a massage place so decided to take advantage and get my legs massaged - first massage of the trip too! Was great, an hour foot and shin massage for 120B and I was refreshed - hammering along in the high 20's, low 30's again - although about 5km out of town I was getting cramps in both hamstrings - which weren't massaged. Overcast day with the sun peaking through occasionally, still reached 36C though - the sun in Bangkok was really starting to sting. One month off the bike and I've lost alot of fitness. Put on a few kgs in Bangkok as I was eating the same as if I was riding - which ment double breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Not all bad though as I need as much fat on me for the upcoming mountains which start in Laos. Arrived around 1500, found some accomodation, ate and now relaxing. Will stay here for at least 3 nights as there are a few sights to see. Went for ride around town in the cool of the night.

10/02/12 - This town is surrounded by a river/canal so it's like an island. Rode around visiting wats. Some are very ancient indeed constructed of bricks. Didn't stay out for too long though at it was extremely hot. Dead quiet too, all the tourists seem to be concentrated within a couple of streets so is very easy to get away from them. Don't have to travel far for peace and quiet. Nice small town feel here. Also did a lap of the island at night which was much more pleasant. The riverside is lined with night markets - bright lights, music, the locals chilling. Some wats are lit up too.

11/02/12 - Cycled around town again. Visited a whole heap of wats and stupas. Hard to believe there was over 400 wats in this area in its heyday. Now only a few remain and most are in ruins. I even came across some ruins where a family had setup their house! Checked out national museum, floating markets - which was packed with thai students and elephant farm. Pushing on to Lopburi tomorrow.

Monster day today, made it to Nong Chang - small thai town in the middle of nowhere, about 35km west of Uthai Thani. Got up at 0300 (was excited, or a bit hot in my room as only had fan - not sure) Setoff in the dark at 0500. Decided to take the main road as packs of dogs roam the back streets, so the main drag with no traffic was the safer option for me. At first light around 0630 I had covered 30km and hit the back roads. Another superb day cycling here, a liitle more busy than a couple of days ago, and a bit more boring with longer stretches of straight road. The scenery too wasn't as green. Arrived at Wat Sing at 1200 with 108km on the speedo. I had a 2 hour break here (1.25hrs at internet cafe , the rest was for a 2nd lunch) Hit town at 1630, 144km total! A new record for this trip. Wasn't expecting to do it with such ease, only started to struggle for the last 10km - I was convinced I had a flat tyre, but no it was just my legs. No aches or pains whatsoever. Kudos to me. Another very hot, dry day - the sun shining strongly from 1030, hit 34C and was already 24C when I setoff. Got alot of attention again with the bike. A little headwind during final 10km - murphys law. I was planning to stay at Uthai Thani tonight but I had arranged to meet a local teacher here. Unfortunately he had a last minute at home lesson with a student to attend to so it fell through. Moving on tomorrow as there's nothing here. I'm the only tourist here. Another big day is possible tomorrow - I'll see how I feel and go from there.

Hey hey, made it to the big smoke that is Bangkok! Was a real struggle with the pimple on my arse though - more like a volcano actually - its at least 4cm in diameter now and ready for its own postcode me thinks! I'll seek doctors advice tomorrow. Too painful to sit down  - so I guess I'll be on my feet for the next couple of days - sightseeing. Looking forward to lathering it up tonight before I go to bed with some arse cream (pawpaw ointment from australia - good stuff), and going commando to give it plenty of air. Enough of the gruesome stuff, here's the events of today. Left Songkhram 0930, first 20km was on deserted backroads again with wide open farming areas again. Got chased by a group of 3 dogs - gave me a fright as they came out of nowhere - nothing else. Joined the main road after this - no other options unfortunately. The road started off 3x3 and quickly widened to 6x6, with 2m wide shoulder - so was uneventful really, traffic wasn't that heavy - even once I got into the city, was surprisingly easy going - nowhere near as bad as the pandamoneum of Jakarta! although the thais seem to use the old indonesian trick of overtaking you only to pull in front, slow down and hinder your progress. Doesn't feel like 8 million people here, maybe people have gone away for the holidays like they do in australia, I don't know. It's still how I remember it the last time I was here - very grey and the smell of sewerage is rife in the air. By 1500 I was well and truly in the outskirts of the city - decided to find a base on Sukhumvit Road (about 10km away from the white trash on Khoa San road) as it's close to the bikeshop and embassies which I'll be visiting in the coming days. Found a nice hostel run by a pakistani family - so the room is spotlessly clean for a change, after the shocker in Songkhram. Pretty much cycled thru the southern part of Bangkok to get here, as its located towards the SE, and I came in from the SW. Another comfortable cloudy day with light headwinds. Will be spending at least a week here, probably two as I need to plan my journey thru central asia carefully. The bike will be getting a full service with some new drivetrain parts as well. Will see the usual sites and go for a burn thru the city as always - once my butts back to normal. Hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! Pedal On!

03/01/12 - Went to bike shop but they are on holidays, reopen on the 5th so I will return then. Wandered around town, visited a couple of malls and watched a movie. Used the Skytrain which is the public transport system here. Works well, you buy a day pass for 120B and that gets you unlimited rides over the whole network. Bicycles are allowed too, carriages have plenty of room, although not all stations have lifts, so you need to carry bike up some stairs, so probably only ideal to use for day trips with a backpack - as with panniers you can't get bike up to station easily, the lifts too are small - I only just managed to squeeze bike in.

04/01/12 - Wandered around Sukhumvit area, purchased guidebooks for China and Central Asia to aid in my upcoming research. Caught up with local girl "Jeab" for a chat and a movie. 

05/01/12 - Wandered around Victory monument area. Met up with local girl "Little" chatted and watched a movie.

06/01/12 - Spent the majority of the day at the bikeshop. I fitted new chainring, new rear sprocket, new chain, changed the oil in the rohloff, adjusted brakes and headset and gave the bike a thorough clean and going over. Thanks to Jacky and the team at Probike for letting me use their workshop space and tools. The bike is now ready for central asia. Wandered around Lumphini park area. The Metro runs under a different ticketing system to the skytrain, so my day pass is useless here. Also no bikes are allowed on Metro. My pimples healing slowly, it's about half its original size now.

07/01/12 - "Little" joined me for some sightseeing. She's actually from Ubon province near the Lao border and has only been in Bangkok for about 4 months, busy working, she hasn't seen much of the city herself, so she's keen to join me. We checked out a whole heap of sites including the Grand Palace/Wat Phra Kaeo (very ornate and decorative, museums, large complex, chocas with tourists), Wat Po (nice, quiet and peaceful), Wat Arun (caught a boat across the river to get to this one, steep stairs to climb to top but rewarded with nice views of city) Wat Saket (on top of hill with 360 degree views of Bkk). It was a long, hot and tiring day as we did a fair bit of walking in between. Was nice to have someone who can speak the language, ask for directions - for example she managed to get us a ride on a local bus for cents, which I simply couldn't have done on my own. We both seem to be tourists, as neither one of us knew where we were going. Was nice to share each others company and experiences. I learnt alot about thai people today.

08/01/12 - Went to Dusit Zoo with "Little"- wasn't expecting to spend most of the day here but there's alot to see and do and is good value. Besides all the usual animals we saw a Kenyan acrobatic show, elephant show, seal show and wildlife show - all excellent. There's a lake in the centre flanked by big shady trees, so was comfortable walking around out of the heat of the sun. I couldn't resist hiring a pedal boat and doing a lap of the lake (I know, it's a sickness - I just can't stop pedalling!). We then headed to Siam Oceanworld - world class with big displays/tanks/tunnels, glass bottom boat ride, 5D theatre - very nice, not cheap at 1000B p/p but well worth it. Ladyboys and old white men with much younger thai women are a common sight, even in the not so seedy areas - perhaps a good place to retire to in the future? Lots of colourful christmas lights and decorations grace the shopping mall areas at night - reminded me of Singapore.

09/01/12 - Lazy day today after the last two jam packed days - running errands and updating website. Pimples almost gone now - should be back in the saddle in a couple of days - giddeup! Met up with "Little" and her room mate for some dinner at Central Plaza Phra Ram 9, had a great japanese buffet restaraunt here where you select and cook your own meats, seafood and vegetables on a cooktop on your table. Also had wide selection of sushi, tempura, soft drinks and desserts all incuded for 295B p/p. Had a few interesting dishes too which I hadn't tried before. We all pigged out till we could eat no more. This place is very popular with the locals, it was full when we arrived around 1800, we were placed into a waiting queue. We entertained ourselves for the 15 odd minutes by spotting passing ladyboys - some looked so feminine that I couldn't even tell - scary stuff, while others look like chopper reid with a dress on. We then decided to work off our bellies and head to Terminal 21, which is a swanky shopping centre with themed levels such as paris, rome, istanbul, san francisco, tokyo, etc - similar to the casinos in vegas but not as glitzy. The locals come here to get pictures taken of the toilets - yes, these things have heated seats and adjustable nozzles/water temp to clean your nether regions - me, I didn't try, besides I'm an old fashioned toilet paper guy - definately the cleanest and most decorative toilets that I've visited in my travels to date though. We wandered around, the girls going crazy with the camera as there are alot of props setup everywhere to take photos with, and unfortunately for me, being a foreigner, I seemed to be the most popular. After what seemed like a million photos we ended up at an ice cream parlour sharing ice cream with chocolate fondue - the girls giggling and me, well, all posed out.

10/01/12 - Started going through guide books and taking notes. Met up with "Little" and room mate "Pupe" for dinner where we sampled traditional eisan food from Ubon province. The speciality dish is a very spicy, strong fishy taste and smell salad which I simply couldn't handle but the girls love it. Luckily they ordered a less spicy paw paw salad for me. We then wandered around Nana area - a typical touristy spot with the usual bars, clubs, flashing coloured lights, street stalls and scantily clad ladyboys/women gracing the streets. What I found strange was buddhist shrines setup right next to these x rated clubs, and people actually praying - ideal for asking forgiveness for your indiscretions as you emerge from the abyss perhaps? Weird!

11/01/12 - Continued researching central asia. Went to Chinatown with "Little" for dinner. Sampled stir fried crickets - I was a bit hesitant at first, but they were surprisingly tasty, we gobbled them up in no time. Very nice atmosphere here - nowhere near as sleazy as Nana - although I did see a couple of clubs with blokes out the front holding up signs "We don't check ID cards" - mmmm. Colourful signs and lit up lanterns hang above the streets filled with wandering tourists and locals. We wandered thru the endless night markets selling everything.

12/01/12 - Running errands and continuing research for central asia. Starting to feel like a local now. There's a few places now that I'm beginning to frequently visit - like the noodle soup place for brekkie/lunch, the lady on the street selling banana and chocolate pancakes and the small night market near my accomodations for a late night snack. Getting a hang of the public transport system too now, knowing most of the stations without a need for a map anymore. Met up with "Little" for dinner at thai restaraunt - similar to the japanese buffet a few nights earlier, with a pot and fryer on the table to cook up your selected meats, seafood and veggies. Sampled some unique stuff that I hadn't tried before - all delicious. We then went to a karaoke place - I've been wanting to try one of these for a while, as they're very popular, not only here but in Malaysia and Indonesia as well. For 120B/hour you get a 3x3 room with a couple of seats, microphones, TV and computer. There was a large amount of songs to choose from - both english and thai. Was good entertainment for a couple of hours - one thing this place did was highlight my shocking voice, "Little" on the other hand had a surprisingly good voice. By the end of the session, after attempting to sing a couple of power ballads - and failing miserably - my voice was gone - thank god.

13/01/12 - Running errands and continued researching central asia. Met up with "Little" and went to Lumphini - we were going to go to night markets, but they no longer take place here, so after having some dinner and wandering around checking out some christmas displays we headed to Siam where we uncovered some markets. Another touristy area minus the sleaze - it's all food and shopping here.

14/01/12 - Running errands and continuing central asian research. Decided to take a break and go away for the weekend with "Little". We caught a bus/van in the afternoon to Bangsean beach (about 100km SE of Bkk). Nice local fishing town - seems a bit western in style with some upmarket restaraunts, bars, music and full of thais' - I was the only westerner and felt a bit uncomfortable with everyone staring at us as we walked along the waterfront. The locals had picnics setup here aswell - eating, chatting and enjoying the music pumping out of their car stereos. The water is quite dirty, the only stretch of sand was full of moored fishing boats. We decided to spend the night here then move on to Pattaya tomorrow - which is apparently more tourist friendly.

15/01/12 - Caught a van to Pattaya and then a boat out to Ko Lan for a day on the beach. Nice white sandy beach here, tiny waves, water activities, tourists, lounge chairs under umbrellas - a very relaxing spot. Seems to be alot of russians here - probably escaping the snow back home. Had a great day here splashing around in the water with all the foreigners. We headed back to Pattaya to spend the night there. This is the sleaziest place I've ever been to - makes Hua Hin look like a monastery. Endless bars and clubs pumping out the usual bogan hits, big colourful/flashing street signs, scantilly clad street side pole dancers and gay blokes dancing around the footpath - pretty much an endless mardi gras. Ladyboys, old men with young girls, man boobs, beer bellies, aussies - it's all here - come here with a bit of money in your pocket and it's garanteed to get the leg over.

16/01/12 - By day all the sleaze dissapears here in Pattaya and everyone is under the umbrellas relaxing in the lounge chairs on the beach recovering from the events of the previous night no doubt. Families wandering around, swimming, enjoying the watersports. Tonight it happens all again, and the cycle continues - heaven for some - not for me. "Little" and myself hired a motorbike for the day and went out to the floating markets. Was nice although its orginal charm was lost a little with some tourist attractions installed such as a flying fox. Still was good to sample some traditional dishes served up by the locals on their boats and to wander around the raised timber walkways checking out the various stalls while the locals went about their business below. We returned to Pattaya beach to have some dinner before catching a van back to the hustle and bustle of  Bangkok, via a couple of beaches to the south.

17/01/12 - Lazy day today after hectic last few days - running errands and updating website. Met up with "Little" for dinner at Chinatown, where we wandered around and also visitied the infamous Khao San Road - which wasn't all that sleazy really.

18/01/12 - Continue research central asia. Met up with "Little" at Siam for some dinner at japanese buffet restaraunt.

19/01/12 - Continue research central asia. Met up with "Little" and "Pupe" for some dinner at Phra Ram 9 for another japanese buffet. This one was a little more upmarket with the quality of the meats especially at a higher standard than yeseterdays fare.

20/01/12 - Continue research central asia. Met up with "Little" for some dinner.

21/01/12 - Met up with "Little" and caught a van out to Nonthaburi (about 25km north of Bkk) to visit a more traditional floating market - not many tourists here. On the way back to the city we stopped at another large market near Chatuchak Park which was massive, with heaps of tourists, food and everything for sale. The days are starting to get very hot and dry now with low to mid 30s and not a drop of rain for the past 2 weeks.

22/01/12 - Caught a van out to the funpark with "Little" today (Dreamworld). In typical thai fashion it has been setup to empty your pockets while being as confusing as possible. There are at least 3 different tickets, and of course foreigners pay more. Even an all inclusive ticket doesn't include all the rides/attractions, and you can only go on each ride once - wtf? Many rides are copies from other theme parks from around the world, although obviously done at a budget - I saw plenty of 50c computer cooling fans and pvc piping. Many rides were lacklustre, and the main attraction - the rollercoaster was closed. Thankfully there were heaps of props setup to pose next to - oh joy - seems to be a thai thing - about half the park is props. World class - no. Still was good to get out of the city, although don't put this on your to do list unless you have ankle biters - who'll probably love it. Not one for the young at heart though.

23/01/12 - Research central asia. Met up with "Little" for a movie at Terminal 21 and some dinner at night markets Sukhumvit.

24/01/12 - Research central asia. Met up with "Little" for dinner.

25/01/12 - Research central asia. Met up with "Little" for movie and some dinner at night markets Sukhumvit.

26/01/12 - Research central asia. Met up with "Little" for dinner at night markets Sukhumvit.

27/01/12 - Extended my Thai visa today. It turns out there's 2 immigration offices. One which only process' nationals of cambodia, lao and myanmar, the other for everyone else. I went to the wrong one first - near Lumphini Park. The one you want is about 25km from here near Don Muang Airport. This didn't bother me too much as being off the bike for over 4 weeks - gees has it been that long? I was keen to go for a hoon. I hammered out there in less than an hour averaging close to 30kph. Had an absolute blast - much of the traffic gridlocked, was great zig zagging between the cars - sinfully fun! No cyclists here either, shame as the traffic is often like this and I suspect commuting times with a bicycle would be at least on par with cars if not quicker. Arrived to a massive government building and found the office with ease. Relatively straightforward, filled out the 2 page application form and attached all my photocopies (you need copy of passport page, thai visa, and departure card - if you don't have prepared there are copy shops downstairs in this building so no need to freak out) Waited for about 30 minutes to be served by an officer, paid 1900B for 30 day extension. Done. I managed to get lost inside the building, took me about half an hour to find where I had locked my bike up - the place has 4 indentical looking entry/exits. Started hammering back to base but after 50km I was knackered, so rode to nearest train station and hopped on train for final 10km back to the bat cave. I need to be out of the country by March 12, which should give me plenty of time to cover the 1000 odd kms north to Chiang Mai and on to the Thai/Lao border. Research central asia, relax.

28/01/12 - Lazy day today, met up with "Little" watched a movie and went for a wander.

29/01/12 - Lazy day again, met up with "Little" watched a movie and went for wander.

30/01/12 - Went to Lao embassy this morning to get visa. Caught the train as embassy was within walking distance of  "Thailand Cultural Centre" station. Straightforward. Filled out single page form, attached single photo, paid 1400B for express processing (1 hour wait instead of next day, only 200B extra). Good for 30 days from date of entry into Lao. Got a motorcycle taxi back to station and walked to Chinese embassy - again only walking distance in opposite direction to Lao embassy. Arrived at 1115 only to find that it was closing. Only open 0900 - 1130! Wtf? This from the soon to be if not already biggest powerhouse of the world? Hordes of people were at the doors - looked more like a protest, not what you would expect to see inside the grounds of an embassy. I managed to persuade them to give me an application form which I filled out then and there - a monster 4 page essay plus 2 page supplementary form! I was told to return tomorrow at 0700 to have any chance of  a look in. The shit fight begins. Should be interesting to see what unfolds tomorrow..............

31/01/12 - I arrived at Chinese embassy at 0620. There were already half a dozen people lined up. By 0700 there were about 3 dozen people and opening time 0900 saw the line stretch for about 500m down the road. I was refused a visa altogether. I was told that if I want to cycle in China I need to contact a local Chinese travel agent who is to ask permission for me from the ministry of tourism in China, who will then grant the embassy permission to give me a visa? Time to get to work then...........

I managed to find a secondhand bookshop close to my lare where I was able to trade in my Singapore/Malaysia guidebook for a Lao one (payed 150B).

01/02/12 - After researching forums on the internet, it appears that the only way to get a visa for China if you are travelling by bicycle is NOT to mention that you're travelling by bicycle. So I decided to go through a local travel agent, as you also need to list pre-arranged hotel bookings for each day of your stay in china on the visa application form - which the agent done no questions asked. They even printed out a bogus flight ticket for me! Standard practice apparently, everyone does this to get around the communostical regulations set down by the peoples' republic. Money talks and bullshit walks here! I found the whole bike thing to be a bit of a surprise as I'm pretty sure not too long ago China must of had the largest concentration of bicycles, but obviously now money rules, and I have a feeling these guys will be after my money even more than the thais. Anyway I paid 1600B for the convenience (about 500B over the price of the visa alone) They only issue 30 day visas - which again is stupid for a country the size of China but apparently you can extend the visa up to 2 times for up to 2 months at immigration offices in provincial towns in China (athough every office is different and it depends alot on your luck and the mood of the officer you get at the time) I'm hoping for the full 3 months as I'll be flat out trying to cover all that ground with anything less. If all goes well, I'll have the Chinese visa in 4 working days and will be departing Bangkok on Wednesday 8th February - fingers crossed!

The plan is to cross into Laos on 10th March, into China on 1st April, and into Kyrgyzstan July 1 (by which time the snow should have started dissipating).

02/02/12 - Running errands, researching china. There was a big downpour during early afternoon which saw the streets flooded. The kerbs were no longer visible after just 1 hour of intense rain. The skytrain was shut down so I hopped on a bus back to base. The footpaths are treacherously slippery here when wet - I bet the americans would have a field day here lodging compo claims. Roaches and rats scurrying towards shopfronts being fended off by shopkeepers with brooms - hate to think what this place would have looked like during the recent floods. The drainage systems here seem to be very poorly designed or non existant all together. Even the train station and modern shopping mall were collecting water. Time to employ some surveyors me thinks.

03/02/12 - Lazy day relaxing, researching china  meet "Little" for dinner.

04/02/12 -Relax, research, research china, central asia, meet "Little" for dinner.

05/02/12 - Relax, research, research china, central asia, meet "Little" for dinner.

06/02/12 - Relax, research my route through thailand. Meet "Little" for dinner.

07/02/12 - Relax, research my route heading north through thailand. Meet "Little" for dinner.

08/02/12 - Picked up chinese visa from travel agent at lunchtime after short delay - was expecting to collect it yesterday but I think they forgot to collect it from embassy Very plain looking visa - could have done a better job on my printer at home - nonetheless I have access - if I can get past the border guards that is? Spent rest of day relaxing and researching my route north through thailand. Excited to be moving on tomorrow, as after a month in Bangkok I've pretty much seen and done everything here - starting to feel a bit same same. Met "Little" for dinner and watched a movie ("The Lady" - must see, based on true story about Burmas struggle for democracy) Heading to Ayutthaya tomorrow - about 80km north - yippie!


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