I had my first accident overseas a couple of days ago here at Kutoarjo. I was hit by a car from behind as I was about to turn right into the driveway of a hotel for the night. Not too serious, I will live to ride another day. A couple of cyclists I met in Australia also warned me about Indonesian drivers. I've been stuck in bed since.

I heard the car skidding and had time to turn around and say f*#% but no time to get out of the way. The driver was only doing about 10kph when he hit me, throwing me maybe 3 metres clear of the bike. The bike seems to have survived relatively unscathed - the panniers cushioning the impact and fall to the ground. I fell on my left side and had the usual scrapes on the ankle, knee and elbow. The driver parked off the road and came to my assistance along with the staff from the hotel. The driver was very apologetic and admitted being at fault. The police station was only 20 metres down the road so there was a constable on hand to write up a report. I had some pain in my left leg and was limping so I asked if I could go to the hospital to get a x-ray. I thought the policeman would take me but in fact the bloke that hit me did. The first thing I noticed when I got into his 90's model Nissan Pathfinder was the dash mounted DVD player turned on. The hospital was a short 2km away and as expected I was a good source of amusement for the locals on my arrival. X-ray was good, nothing broken but I had strained my hamstring and was unable to walk on my own. I was given painkillers, antibiotics, wounds cleaned and bandaged, told 3-5 days recovery and sent on my way. In the meantime the police had taken my bike and belongings back to the station. The hotel where I had the accident was over my budget so I asked if I could be taken elsewhere, so I was. I think the driver has paid for my lodgings as I have been taken good care of, being fed, given a daily massage, etc. I'm slowly getting better, my left leg and foot is swollen and I'm getting around on a single crutch. Feeling is starting to come back to my leg. The massages aren't as good as they sound - by the hour long session I'm drenched in my own tears from the pain. I will make a thorough examination of the bike when I'm mobile again, hopefully in another 2 days.

Well after 6 days I'm still unable to walk. My left knee and foot still look like they belong to Fat Albert. The massages are painful but definately helping to loosen the muscles. Fexibility is starting to return, I'm now able to crouch down somewhat. I checked the bike and no major damage which is very very lucky. The rear mudguard was bent so I just panel beated it back to shape with a hammer. The rear wheel is out of true slightly and bent sideways I think. I'll try to get it trued at the next proper bike shop in Jakarta - about 550km away. Otherwise I checked all the nuts and bolts, lubed the chain and the bikes now ready to go just waiting for me. It's a busy little town with everyone going about their business. Plenty of bikes getting around and even the occasional horse and cart.

9 days have passed now, my left knee and foot have returned to their normal size. Although I'm still unable to put my body weight on my left leg - so still hopping around like Skippy. Really keen now to get rolling. Been offered a couple of homestays from other hotel guests but have decided to stay put - don't want to burden them in my disabled state.

It's starting to feel like Groundhog Day again.

Well after 20 days I can finally walk again - albeit very slowly, I should be rollin' again within a week. Yeehah!

Went for a short ride around town yesterday to test my leg. All seems OK, I still have some pain below the knee which forces me to limp when walking, but when pedalling I don't feel it. I've decided to give it a couple more days and head off on Monday the 24th of October. I need to get moving as I only have 16 days left on my visa. The plan is to cycle to Jakarta, organise a visa for Malaysia, then catch a ferry to Singapore and carry on from there.

I would like to thank Nuri and all the staff at the Hotel Garuda Setia for taking such good care of me during my recovery.

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